Friday, 9 January 2015

The Emergence of Eco-Decentralism | New Compass

The Emergence of Eco-Decentralism | New Compass
Biehl has written Murray Bookchin's intellectual and political
biography (forthcoming: Oxford University Press). In this pamphlet she
traces Bookchin's early intellectual development.

Consulting the author's preface:
This is the front cover of Janet Biehl's Eco-Decentralism-pamphlet"Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) was the originator and primary theorist of social ecology, a radical politics that insists on the social roots of environmental destruction. Over the course of his long life Bookchin constructed social ecology as a coherent framework encompassing ecological politics, nature philosophy, anthropology,
revolutionary history, face-to-face democracy, and urban decentralism. Among his most important works are Post-Scarcity Anarchism (1971), The Spanish Anarchists (1976), Toward an Ecological Society (1980), The Ecology of Freedom (1982), The Rise of Urbanization and the Decline of Citizenship (1986), The Philosophy of Social Ecology (1995), Re-enchanting Humanity (1995), and The Third Revolution, 4 vols. (1996-2005).

At this writing I am penning his intellectual and political
biography: the article in your hands is based a piece of on that life,
tracing the evolution of his eco-decentralism from the work of two
earlier thinkers, Lewis Mumford and E. A. Gutkind."