Monday, 8 August 2005

Indonesia Sustainability Council


Indonesia's equatorial location right in the middle of the 'sun-belt' of South East Asia gave alot of advantage to develop and harvest various source of renewable energies.

It is a shame that amidst the current fossil-fuel or 'krisis minyak' the government did not mention anything on this topic. Utilising the ever-available solar energy and its derivative the wind energy; surely Indonesia won't mired this crisis.

The media and for this matter the acdemia and inteligentsia are not doing much either. The driving-force of Indonesia's technology i.e: BPPT, ITB and Pertamina and KLH should discus this matter with NGOs such as WALHI, Greenpeace, WWF including the academia to format a 'sustainable energy forum' as as possibly can.

BPPT can flex its manufacturing muscles to make affordable solar panel and wind-generator appropriate for archipellago environment. ITB can come up with new ideas and designs; Pertamina can use its extensive network to help with marketing and distribution. The Ministery of Environment or KLH can provide the regulating principles or manual. And NGOs can participate as 'watch-dog' or even better integrated into the 'structure'.

And of course president SBY has to endorse this 'structure' and if possible personaly involve in its development. If this is possible we the people of this republic will 'Allah's willing' be self-sufficient in our energy generation.

For an ex-oil exporting country, Indonesia should have thought of alternative energy long before becoming an .oil importing country