Friday, 24 February 2023


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It's been three years since I last updated something of [my] interest in this blog. Many things has come and go..wife, gf, time, money, properties..yes including a 'blackswan' virus called 'Corona' ie  who seems to come to stay with us all. The year 2023 came with a devastating earthquake in Turkiye earlier this month and a cyclone called Gabrielle pay a visit to New Zealand (a place I used to called home) mandating a a national emergency to be called.

Not to mentioned the horror of man-made destructions on show now in Ukraine. Sometimes our own insecurities in the forms of beliefs religious, economics and politic made us forget we are member of the human race capable of more intelligent lifestyle on this planet.

So let's hope for the best, let's play and rest make time for things important for us and the rest. 

It's good to make time to observe little things in life that we usually took for granted (as famous British poet John Betjeman would recite). Plant that tree on your child's birthday, buy that little piece of land with those lovely trees dappling sunlight and clear gurgling brook. Just do it! [an ode to Nakee🤭]

Hope life has been kind to you all my faithful readers..I wish you all healthy and well..Cheers!



"[...]Western table manners came from him: ‘Don’t rest the elbows on the table. Use the left hand for the fork. Don’t spread your elbows. Don’t take your mouth to the plate. Wait for the second helping.’ He also introduced me to the value of eating fruit first, why salads must precede cooked food, what nuts were best, how to crack Brazil nuts. He was so meticulous about different household chores. He used to clean the bathroom himself. I used to see him, many times, cleaning the bathroom, and he would say, ‘One should leave it as clean as it was before it was used.’ His advice when dealing with people and situations were unequivocal:‘Don’t be another monkey.’ ‘Be yourself.’ ‘Watch the other fool’ (when driving). Often he would take me for walks, where he would urge me to study, to learn everything my father had to teach"


Monday, 22 June 2020

Tweet from Professor Peter Strachan (@ProfStrachan)

Professor Peter Strachan (@ProfStrachan) tweeted at 5:38 PM on Sat, Apr 13, 2019:
Sir David Attenborough

"Things are going to get worse"

"This is the new extinction & we are half way through it. We are in terrible, terrible trouble & the longer we wait to do something about it the worse it is going to get."

@Animal_Watch @voxdotcom

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Consumerism 2.0

..current #capitalism needs to refocus its consumerism on 'higher' needs not vanity, trinkets and trivia.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Real History of USA Tennis Instruction: What Happened When and Where by John Carpenter « Official Website of Oscar Wegner and Modern Tennis Methodology MTM - LS

The Real History of USA Tennis Instruction: What Happened When and Where by John Carpenter « Official Website of Oscar Wegner and Modern Tennis Methodology MTM - LS

[...]The great USA tennis boom occurred. But millions would find the conventional teaching too difficult and unless you were a gifted athlete or liked clim[b]ing mountains (figuratively), tennis got pushed aside. In 1984, Gallup 1 in 5 men listed tennis as one of their favorite sports. By 2005, the same poll found 1 in 20 USA men considered tennis a favorite sport while tennis boomed all over the rest of the world who adopted the simple techniques prescribed in a 1989 ["Tennis in 2 Hours" in December 1989.] book that has been virtually ignored in USA media for the last twenty years.