Friday, 19 August 2005

On Global Warming

"Past and current emissions already commit the world to an increase in temperature of 1-1.5°C. A consensus has emerged that temperature rises beyond 2ºC are likely to trigger runaway global warming"

So the report read from NEF(New Economic Foundation), such a report has been in the public domain for quite a while. And our 'oil-based' life-style and habit are hard to change.

Knowing fully well that these 'habits' won't change overnight or any time soon, probably it is worth musing to join the 'gas-guzzler' of the planet instead, enjoying a 'Hobbesian' life rather than reluctantly turning 'green' and breeding sinister jealousy over the 'developed-industrialised-capitalistic' life of the North. The point is: 'what is the point of all these frugality, sustainability, end to poverty and so forth' if sometime[soon] 'ecological-justice' will come in the form of planetary cataclysm that will affect all Earth inhabitants?

Will it not be better to increase the pace of 'the guzzling' by participating as our economy permit? The rationale is simple: climate change, once pass the point of no return-will NOT return to normal. Joining in the 'guzzler' lifestyle will at least permit the deprived Southerner for a momentary 'joyride' of their life[isn't that a beautiful notion?]. Since quickening the process of planetary destruction is the most efficient form and [possibly] the cheapest economically to make that thresh-hold passed, so that a new world with-out the influence of oil can begin?*

*This ferment is not made by 'right-leaning,power-hungry, SUV-driving, oiled in greed or anti-bush administration; on the contrary it's written by a very 'acidic' post-new age, left-leaning, communist-hating, meta-environmentalist of Southern descent' a.k.a. "Cultural Creatives" person.