Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Boxed Life

My life [like many others] is literally lived inside a 'box' hence the 'boxed life' - upon waking up I found myself inside a 'sleeping-box' [the bed room], then as Nature calls I pass through the corridor into yet another another box, the 'eating-box' [the dining room] or if you prefer the biologically correct term the 'ingestion box' after a quick warm drink, yogurt or fruits I proceed into the rather small but vital 'deposit box' for egestion reading my book or type my blog etc...and feeling relief afterwards. Then if you are lucky to own your own tranportation mode like a the 'box with wheels'- called it a car if like, you will be travelling through a network of mostly square 'boxy' grids along with others in their similar 'boxes with wheels'. And finally [if you still got a job in one of the CBDs boxes ie building of the world] you and your fellow travellers will get into yet another box to be pulled up or down before reaching your ultimate destination inside boxes that go up and down [yes, you guess it right it's the lift!] finally you will arrive in the many 'open-top' working desk boxes called 'cubicles' your semi-private 'sitting-box' on top of your boxy square desk where your eyes will be trained to see short distance for the next 8 hours or so while watching the flickering computer screen until about late afternoon [more for those dedicated :)].

This pattern of behaviour is repeated again in as you journey to your isolated 'boxes of residence' or your 'a-part-ment' - this process is repeated and reproduced millions if not hundreds of million times everywhere in the rich North and its metropolis satellites in the South.

I'm certain that something can be improved, changed or discarded in this repetitive process but before that try consulting your psychiatrist or psychologist for advise, ask him or her if this pattern of behaviour is detrimental to your wellbeing so that you get some assurance that you are not wasting your precious time and money. But if you ask me, my answer is straight forward, this type of behaviour is repetitive therefore dulling the mind, limiting your options and worst of all, if practiced long enough-will become a habit that destroys your soul, not to mentioned the horrendous but unseen and unsustainable ecological costs[...aaarrrgh!!!] To me 'The boxed' life is an accomplice to the large-scale 'industrialisation' of Human and Nature - turning the former into robots and the latter into convertible resources - literally removing essential life from the biosphere.