Thursday, 3 February 2011

Suprabha Seshan of Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary Speaks

Suprabha Seshan
of Gurukulam Botanical
SS: I cannot relate with the new India at all. We have nothing in common in terms of what we seek as a possible future. The new India is appalling to me, if the new India means the exclusion of the forests. The new India means the end of nature to me. The two cannot go together: this is an apocalypse in the making. Because what is new “Shining” India going to shine with if it doesn’t have its rivers and its plants and its forests? What will it go forth with?

IFP: On the same note, the ivanfukuoka project cannot relate with the 'reformed' Indonesia. She has gone from 'ok' to 'so-so' and fast on the way to 'ugly'. We have very, very little in common if anything - the 'reformed' Indonesia is quite 'horrendous' apparently. It's disconnected, disrespectful and insensitive to life [ie.anything 'alive'] almost. It's dishearteningly loud. If the 'reformed' Indonesia means being 'sold-off' as commodities to the [few] global [free] marketeers. This means the end of nature, the end of life. Quoting Suprabha, 'The two cannot go together: this is an apocalypse in the making'. Because what is reform? well, it is nothing but a 're-form-ati-on' or rearrangement of 'same-old' stale wine [if] only in new [labelled] wine bottle. Furthermore, what's the use of "Reformation" [again picking up] Supraba's sensible words - when there are no 'form' of rivers and fish, birds and elephants, nor tigers or [forest] people available ? where is the forests itself ? What will it go forth with ? [sounds like a resounding 'blowin in the wind' to me...thanks for the line Bob].