Friday, 24 June 2011

Development thinking

Development thinking  – a quick (and admittedly rather simplistic) guide:
  • Modernist: Planned ‘Development’ will make the world a better place
  • Post-development: No it won’t, just better for the already rich and powerful. There’s no such thing as development.
  • Alternative development: Well, you’re right that ‘development’ as it currently stands isn’t really working. But I still think it could work better if we did things in a different way. But we agree that neo-liberalism and market-based solutions are wrong
  • Positivist: Now your being naïve. Let’s face it, the private sector has done more good than aid in reducing poverty
  • Post-positivist ? Hmmm, hang on a minute. I can see a role for the private sector, but the state is also important you know. And you can’t trust those big companies really. 
Retrieved [with thanks] from: Are you a ‘progressive development thinker’?  Posted on by Mike Jennings