Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Webasto – Solar Roofs [ventilator] for Cars

Webasto – Solar Roofs for Cars

I don't normally promote or endorse any [industrial] product but occasionally you come across an innovative product  like this Webasto Solar Roof from Germany. So if you drive, own or even rent a car this one's for you . 
Solar Technology  
Retrofit a Roof System?There are numerous car accessories and enhancement products for your car from simple fragrance card usually hung under the rearview mirror in the car cabin to this nifty [understated] solar roof. Well it won't turn heads but it promised a [literally] cooler entrance after those long hours parked under the sun. Yes the solar powered roof will run the 'air conditioning' using photovoltaic collectors integrated onto the car rooftop. The energy gathered will then be used to run the ventilator prior to your arrival! so that it will be fresh and cool inside when you return. I think that's a super cool idea :D. Here is what Webasto* said about its product:

A solar roof provides fresh air in a vehicle. This keeps the interior relatively cool without using up the battery. In future solar technology will be part and parcel of vehicles and make an important contribution towards battery charging.

[*I am not in whatever ways connected, related or a share holder of this company]