Monday, 17 November 2014

the 'ONE-Percent-er'

If you are going to do something....

I think my main point was too vague.
20% of people actively and vehemently do not want to reduce fossil fuel use and in fact think it will continue to grow.
70% of people care about climate change, and worry about oil supply, but they are too busy or too ambivalent to take any kind of action.
9% of people are concerned enough to take some kind of action, like signing a petition or joining Forrest & Bird or voting Green.
1% of the people are switched on to the point of doing something. If there is to be real change of any kind - it will be the 1% who actually achieve it.

So - if you are one of the 1% who are so committed to addressing these issues that you will take some kind of action, then we all desperately need you to take an action that could cause a change. 1% of people choosing not to fly on the 2-4 times when that was an option, will not be noticed and will not reduce the number of flights or the amount of fuel used. Don't kid yourself that you are part of a movement of non-fliers because there is not a movement of non-fliers.

If 1% of the population signed a petition, funded a media project, gathered in a Rugby stadium, clicked "support" on the Transition Engineering website... And if what they wanted was clear - a moratorium on deep sea drilling and fracking and a freeze and reduction over time of the amount of oil imported into New Zealand.... Then there might be a shift of thought that could lead to change.